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Legal Sale Alhambra
Mon 02/20 11:00 AM
1234 So. Garfield St suite 205 Alhambra, CA


Total Lots/Units 1
Total Vehicles 0
Auctioneer American Auctioneers

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Front Lobby Area

4x packs of shipping boxes (5 boxes per pack)

10x empty shipping boxes

1x HTC mobile phone

2x black chairs

3x rolls of tape

1x dartboard in box (Guz Sigma)

2x boxes of Guz2 Dartboard (4 dartboards per box)

2x unknown boxes

1x Jet Ski art folder

1x metal wall shelf

1x front reception desk

1x box of unopend mail/leters

Simpeel business cards (Jin Chen & Yuli Zhang)

Electricity Room Closet

1x computer monitor

2x ADT alarm boxes

2x Panasonic alarm boxes

2x desktop cases/towers

5x modems/routers (AT&T/Cisco/Netgear)

1x Home Theater PC System

Assorted wires &cables;

Front Storage Room (By Entrance)

1x wall shelf with assorted tools & computer supplies

1x Samsung TV monitor

1x Acer monitor

1x Roswell keyboard

4x boxes (Vonage Digital Phone Service)

1x computer case shell with motherboard, fans RAM

1x dry erase whiteboard

1x container box of Ben &Jerry;'s Cups

1x digital video recording system (in box on top of shelf)

10x display screens (on shelf)

9x small containers of computer hardware & tools

2x large yellow toolboxes containing screws, nuts, bolts, computer parts

1x power drill

1x flashlight

1x Goodyear air inflator

2x box CAT5e UTP cable

1x box CAT6 UTP cable

1x drawer container with computer parts/wires/cables (under table)

40x g-pad gaming consoles

4x imove body motion game systems

4x g-pad game controllers

12x Fesnu gaming mice

2x Bluetooth earphones

1x brown leather satchel bag

10x Bluetooth keyboards

9x multi-USB ports

12x wireless mice

6x Netgear routers

2x green apple speakers

3x PC camera toys

50x assorted clothing

3x container boxes of various computer parts/cables/wires

1x box of telephones

1x drawer cabinet with various computer parts

4x large boxes of Guz Sigma dartboards (5 dartboards per box)

6x boxes of assorted computer parts (on shelf)

8x mobile power banks

4x Bluetooth keyboard cases

2x empty cash register drawers

1x red chair

1x box sign containing assorted vinyl sheets/colors

1x black table

Assorted computer screws, nuts, bolts

Meeting Room

100x assorted clothing

1x Seiko TV

1x Logitech wireless keyboard

1x Logitech wireless mouse

1x black standing shelf

6x surveillance camer units

1x HDMI cable box

1x large speaker (corner of room)

1x dry erase whiteboard

1x small table /shelf unit

1x white container with assorted accessories

1x large table

1x wall shelf

1x black computer chair

Various cables & extension cord

Hallway Room

1x black wall shelf

1x table + cube shelf

1x Amtec GX500 computer case

3x boxes Guz2 Dartboard (4 dartboards per box)

1x Asus motherboard

1x smart balance wheel toy

1x large grey desk/table with drawers

1x Samsung printer

1x paper shredder

1x picture frame of world

1x dartboard (on wall)

1x wooden shelf

1x pencil sharpener

1x L-shapped table + cube shelf

5x table telephones

3x unopened packages

1x gray wall cabinet

1x water dispenser

1x small black fridge

1x toaster oven

1x microwave

1x black cabinet table

1x black computer chair

2x table terrariums


1x black standing shelf

1x vacuum cleaner

1x fire extinguisher

1x table stand (behind door)

1x dust devil cleaner

Back/Master Room

1x poker table with poker chips

5x computer chairs

1x dry erase whiteboard

5x computer monitors

1x mounted TV

1x Crate sound system

1x Acer laptop

1x Roswell keyboard

1x Canon Pixma printer

1x Samsung printer

1x silver filing drawer cabinet (under desk)

1x brown Lego house model

1x wooden train track model

1x drone

1x blazer coat jacket

1x box of metal signs

1x checkbox

1x Samsung phone

5x pairs of various shoes

2x large L-shaped desks

1x box of assorted clothing

Various unopened mail

Various computer cables

Various paperwork/documents/letters

There is a 15% buyers premium on all purchases. Sales tax will added to all purchases unless buyer holds a valid California resale permit. All purchases are cash only unless otherwise specified. All items are sold as is, where is, no guarantee or warranty.