Onsite Auction #9441

Tue 04/02 12:00: PM

Total Lots/Units 6
Auctioneer Ron Scheenstra

Price Norco will be sold and conducted live at 10am at Norco location.

Price Haven, and Price Arrow will all be sold and conducted at Price Arrow 10005 Arrow Rte
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 at 12 PM. Inspection will be by photograph.

Self Storage Facility units will be sold to the highest bidder. All Sales are Cash Only. It is the responsibility of the buyer to lock the unit once it has been sold.

Buyer will be required to leave a cleaning deposit with the facility which will be refunded once the unit has been cleaned out. Pickup is required the day of the auction unless prior arrangements have been made with the facility. Sales tax will be collected on all purchases unless a valid CA sales tax permit is provided at time of purchase. Buyer is required to leave all personal documents, photos in the unit or return to the office.

Lot Name Description Amount
105 Unit 271 Seal #7561179
106 Unit 33 Seal #7561189
108 Unit 422 Sealn #7561176
109 Unit 617 Seal #7561180
110 Unit 704 Seal #7561177
111 Unit 83 Seal #7561176